Life is a Tree: Give it back to the Soil


This is an eternal truth – “Sab kuchh mitti ban jaata hai” (true for biodegradables ūüėÄ )

For last 3 years our wet waste has not gone to the landfills or even out of our house. We have been composting for last 3 years and I feel happy and proud that we are not contributing to the dumps on the streets or the landfills.

Yesterday we were setting up our vegetable garden and sowing more vegetables. We were preparing the potting mix with our compost. Once upon a time this compost was all the fruits and vegetables peels, coconut husks, juice pulp and now there was not a sign of most of them. Everything had converted into black gold ;), I mean black soil.

There was a piece of banana stem and coconut husk in the compost. It was not fully decomposed but another cycle and it would also disappear. What an awesome work of nature. Even that hard stem of banana would become soil. Seeing and experiencing the whole cycle of how everything converts to soil has been one wonderful thing.

Its amazing to see how nature has designed everything which goes in a cycle. The food grows in the soil and once decomposed properly it goes back to the soil and the cycle goes on.

~ Give it back to the Soil

Life is a Tree : Separation is a geometric illusion


Last week we were at our friend’s place in Waynad. We were in a small and a beautiful village of Kerala for 8 days. We enjoyed each and every moment there – whether it was walking everyday to the paddy field or waking up to the sounds of the birds or sitting in the sun or listening to the different sounds of the jungle in the night.

But whenever I think about our stay there the memory of being in the river water overshadows all other moments. All the days we were there we wanted to go to the river and spend some time in the water but somehow we were not able to make it. Only the last day we could go there. Though I enjoy going to the river I have a fear of getting into the water. This time also it was the same. But Sushil managed to get me in helping me to lie down in the water and float.

I was lying flat on the river water Рwhole body under water, my head under the water except my nose and the eyes closed. It felt as if I entered a different place away from the rest of the world. The body relaxed, there was a different sound which my ear was listening and enjoying. It was as if the water was swooshing in and out of my ear unaware of all the sounds in the world above the water. I could not feel my body weight. The closed eyes were able to vision sunspot like patterns dancing in the darkness. I was in that moment fully relaxed enjoying.  The memory of that relaxed, blissful moment is so strongly etched in my mind that I can close my eyes now and still feel that experience .

It felt as if the river was flowing through me. I was in oneness with the river and with the universe. There was no separation between me and the universe.

~ Separation is simply a geometric illusion

Life is a Tree : Instinct is untaught ability


Few days back I was sitting with my friend’s sister who was pregnant. She was alone at home and I made salad and some steamed vegetables for her. We were having lunch together. She had the salad and after having suddenly she told ‘the baby liked the salad’. I was just dumbstruck at that moment and asked her how did she know that the baby liked the salad. She told as she had the salad he/she was happy and was kicking her in the stomach. I was curious and wanted to know more about what all food made the baby happy.

I was really awed by the fact that the baby is very happy when she ate¬†steamed vegetables, salad and fruits. She told that he/she also liked red rice and millets. But the baby doesn’t like when she eats white rice and wheat chapatis. And when the baby didn’t like any particular food that the mother ate he/she would just go one corner of the stomach making his body tight showing his aversion towards the food.

I checked with her what all food made the baby happy and found that natural and less processed food were his favourites. This was really an interesting revelation for me about how strong our instinct is when we are inside the womb protected from the outer world. The instinct is so strong that we know what food is good and what is not good for us. But once we are out of the womb and are our minds are filled with pre conceived notions we slowly lose our natural instinct.

We not just lose our instinct about food but about everything around us. Yesterday my husband was taking out the compost from our composting bin. Our neighbour’s kids were hanging around with us. The compost had worms. The kids were curious and asked lot of questions and they were not at all reluctant to put their hand in the compost and pick the worms. There was no notion of dirt, germs and worms unlike the adults.

I remember how happily we used to play in the mud and sand when we were kids and no one would stop us. Slowly when we grow the education system and our adults around us overwrite on our minds slowly erasing our natural instinct.

~ Instinct is untaught ability


Life is a Tree : Beyond Information


So here starts another year. A year went by. The year that was a very crucial year of my life has just passed. It was a year in which I rediscovered myself. It was a year that taught me to live every moment, every day. Each day of the year brought new learnings, new dreams and new hopes.

I look forward to this new year also to be a wonderful one, living each day and each moment. And I would like to share that one wonderful moment of each day with you. It might not be a great revelation for you, it might be a simple day-to-day thing but it would be a moment which I would have lived and enjoyed and would like to cherish and share. This series ‘Life is a Tree¬†where each leaf of that tree is a moment that has given a new meaning to my life.

I dedicate the first day of this year to LIFE. The day started with preparation for setting up the vegetable garden on the terrace. I was cleaning the old grow bags and removing the dried plants. One of the grow bags had a bunch of small tomato plants which were not healthy and I was removing it. After removing the tomato plants I observed how the thin roots of the plants had kept the soil together binding it strongly. It was revealing to see how a thin fragile looking root can bind the soil together. I lived that moment just observing and admiring the white, thin roots detached from the plants interwoven through the soil particles. For few moments I was just awed by this beauty of nature.

At that moment I realized and could imagine how roots of the big trees can keep the soil together. Till this time I have either read or heard about how trees prevent soil erosion. It was only today after 31 years of my life I could feel the magnitude after seeing the large clumps of soil held by the tiny roots. It is not an information any more for me. I have lived through it and feel connected.

~ Beyond Information