I was happily spending the day, living each moment not expecting the message of my beloved Guru’s departure. That moment I could not accept her death. I was just staring at the message with no thoughts for a moment. Here I was planning to be with her at the end of this month and she is gone. She was just a phone call away till now.

Death is an eternal truth but its so difficult to accept the death of close ones. It is difficult to accept that I won’t be able to hear her voice now. It is difficult to accept that I would not get that loving hug from her now. In between the moment of tears, there were moments of those memories of her, there were moments of deep silence in the air.  She taught me to live each and every moment of our life and her death became a part of this living moment.

We all die. The goal isn’t to live forever. The goal is to create something that will. And she will always be in memory for what she has created in our lives. And our relationship will go on.

~ Death ends life, not relationships