Happiness is plucking fresh vegetables from your own kitchen garden. I do not have much in my terrace garden right now as I have just sowed seeds of most of the greens and vegetables few days back. But still there are few things growing from the last cycle of sowing.

Today morning I was cooking and immediately felt like using spring onions. I just ran to the terrace and plucked few of them. It was a joy to pluck the greens which we had sowed , seen it sprout and then grow. The basale greens (Malabar Spinach) saplings which we had planted a few weeks back also have flourished into a healthy climber.

Few of the seeds which we sowed few days backs have grown into small saplings. Methi and red amaranth have started coming up. It was a joyful feeling to see the growing saplings and waiting patiently for the other saplings too.

Happiness is seeing the saplings grow from the seeds sowed in the soil. Happiness is tending to the plants everyday. Happiness is seeing the flowers turning into fruits. Happiness is seeing the green tomatoes turning red. Happiness is seeing the bottle gourd increasing in size everyday.

When you have a garden the morning starts with going to the terrace and be with the plants tending them and observing their growth. Its a blissful moment everyday looking at the changing colour of the leaves of bottle gourd from green to yellow and then old leaves falling down. Watching the activities happening in the small garden are the moments to live – every morning two black bees hovering in the air for last two months, new bees on the plants, beautiful lady bugs on the leaves. Its a wonder from where do they all came :).

~ Sowing the seeds of Happiness