This is an eternal truth – “Sab kuchh mitti ban jaata hai” (true for biodegradables šŸ˜€ )

For last 3 years our wet waste has not gone to the landfills or even out of our house. We have been composting for last 3 years and I feel happy and proud that we are not contributing to the dumps on the streets or the landfills.

Yesterday we were setting up our vegetable garden and sowing more vegetables. We were preparing theĀ potting mix with our compost. Once upon a time this compost was all the fruits and vegetables peels, coconut husks, juice pulp and now there was not a sign of mostĀ of them. Everything had converted into black gold ;), I mean black soil.

There was a piece of banana stem and coconut husk in the compost. It was not fully decomposed but another cycle and it would also disappear. What an awesome work of nature. Even that hard stem of banana would become soil. Seeing and experiencing the whole cycle of how everything converts to soil has been one wonderful thing.

Its amazing to see how nature has designed everything which goes in a cycle. The food grows in the soil and once decomposed properly it goes back to the soil and the cycle goes on.

~ Give it back to the Soil