Last week we were at our friend’s place in Waynad. We were in a small and a beautiful village of Kerala for 8 days. We enjoyed each and every moment there – whether it was walking everyday to the paddy field or waking up to the sounds of the birds or sitting in the sun or listening to the different sounds of the jungle in the night.

But whenever I think about our stay there the memory of being in the river water overshadows all other moments. All the days we were there we wanted to go to the river and spend some time in the water but somehow we were not able to make it. Only the last day we could go there. Though I enjoy going to the river I have a fear of getting into the water. This time also it was the same. But Sushil managed to get me in helping me to lie down in the water and float.

I was lying flat on the river water – whole body under water, my head under the water except my nose and the eyes closed. It felt as if I entered a different place away from the rest of the world. The body relaxed, there was a different sound which my ear was listening and enjoying. It was as if the water was swooshing in and out of my ear unaware of all the sounds in the world above the water. I could not feel my body weight. The closed eyes were able to vision sunspot like patterns dancing in the darkness. I was in that moment fully relaxed enjoying.  The memory of that relaxed, blissful moment is so strongly etched in my mind that I can close my eyes now and still feel that experience .

It felt as if the river was flowing through me. I was in oneness with the river and with the universe. There was no separation between me and the universe.

~ Separation is simply a geometric illusion