Few days back I was sitting with my friend’s sister who was pregnant. She was alone at home and I made salad and some steamed vegetables for her. We were having lunch together. She had the salad and after having suddenly she told ‘the baby liked the salad’. I was just dumbstruck at that moment and asked her how did she know that the baby liked the salad. She told as she had the salad he/she was happy and was kicking her in the stomach. I was curious and wanted to know more about what all food made the baby happy.

I was really awed by the fact that the baby is very happy when she ate steamed vegetables, salad and fruits. She told that he/she also liked red rice and millets. But the baby doesn’t like when she eats white rice and wheat chapatis. And when the baby didn’t like any particular food that the mother ate he/she would just go one corner of the stomach making his body tight showing his aversion towards the food.

I checked with her what all food made the baby happy and found that natural and less processed food were his favourites. This was really an interesting revelation for me about how strong our instinct is when we are inside the womb protected from the outer world. The instinct is so strong that we know what food is good and what is not good for us. But once we are out of the womb and are our minds are filled with pre conceived notions we slowly lose our natural instinct.

We not just lose our instinct about food but about everything around us. Yesterday my husband was taking out the compost from our composting bin. Our neighbour’s kids were hanging around with us. The compost had worms. The kids were curious and asked lot of questions and they were not at all reluctant to put their hand in the compost and pick the worms. There was no notion of dirt, germs and worms unlike the adults.

I remember how happily we used to play in the mud and sand when we were kids and no one would stop us. Slowly when we grow the education system and our adults around us overwrite on our minds slowly erasing our natural instinct.

~ Instinct is untaught ability