So here starts another year. A year went by. The year that was a very crucial year of my life has just passed. It was a year in which I rediscovered myself. It was a year that taught me to live every moment, every day. Each day of the year brought new learnings, new dreams and new hopes.

I look forward to this new year also to be a wonderful one, living each day and each moment. And I would like to share that one wonderful moment of each day with you. It might not be a great revelation for you, it might be a simple day-to-day thing but it would be a moment which I would have lived and enjoyed and would like to cherish and share. This series ‘Life is a Tree where each leaf of that tree is a moment that has given a new meaning to my life.

I dedicate the first day of this year to LIFE. The day started with preparation for setting up the vegetable garden on the terrace. I was cleaning the old grow bags and removing the dried plants. One of the grow bags had a bunch of small tomato plants which were not healthy and I was removing it. After removing the tomato plants I observed how the thin roots of the plants had kept the soil together binding it strongly. It was revealing to see how a thin fragile looking root can bind the soil together. I lived that moment just observing and admiring the white, thin roots detached from the plants interwoven through the soil particles. For few moments I was just awed by this beauty of nature.

At that moment I realized and could imagine how roots of the big trees can keep the soil together. Till this time I have either read or heard about how trees prevent soil erosion. It was only today after 31 years of my life I could feel the magnitude after seeing the large clumps of soil held by the tiny roots. It is not an information any more for me. I have lived through it and feel connected.

~ Beyond Information