I always was fascinated to travel out but never knew travel inwards would be a more beautiful experience. I left my job two years back to travel , to travel all around the country unaware that an universal plan was being made for me to prepare me to take one of the most beautiful journey – The Inner Journey.

I had not even heard this term “The Inner Journey” two years back. The last two years has been a beautiful journey with ups as majestic as Mt Everest and downs as beautiful as Ziro Valley. And has been a journey with self realizations and lots of learning with experiences.  The Taste buds and the mind have stopped wandering now and is enjoying the stillness :).  Yes even the taste buds has found its real taste with little bit of wandering sometimes 😉

The Wandering Taste Buds was started to share my travel experiences and the taste buds experiences. It will continue with the sharing of travel experiences but this time of the experiences from the inner journey though I am not sure how much I will able to pen them down in words 🙂