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The Apatanis are indigenous tribe of Ziro in Arunachal Pradesh and one of the most beautiful people.

And the most captivating members of the tribe are the older women of the community. They wear facial tattoos and massive black nose plugs (known as Yapin Hulo in local language). These nose plugs are made of cane slice. This tradition is non existent now and comes from the old times. It is said that as Apatani women were most beautiful in Arunachal Pradesh, the men of other tribes used to kidnap them. And so the Apatani men had to get their women tattooed and make them wear nose plugs making them less appealing.

The women used to tattoo their faces with a horizontal line from the forehead to the tip of the nose, and five lines on their chins.

The middle age women can still be seen with tattoos but no nose plugs.

But the system of tattooing is also being discouraged by the younger generation and has been abolished now.

The kids are lovely. And look very beautiful in their traditional Apatani costume.

I found the elderly Apatani men to be very sweet, cheerful and very hospitable. The love that they showered on us can’t be described in words.

The elderly Apatani men tie their hair in a knot using a cotton thread which in local language is called Piidin Dinso. They also put a brass rod locally known as Piidin Khotu through the knotTraditionally Apatani male decorate their face with a tattoo on the middle of their chin in the shape of an English Alphabet “T”.

But most of the younger generation of Apatani men do not have knotted hair or tattoos.

Interesting changes can be seen in the faces and costumes from an older generation to younger generation of Apatani tribe. But this does not change their nature of being hospitable and loveliness.

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