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When I had started “Wandering Taste Buds”, I had a plan of compiling and bringing to you food and cuisine from all around the country. Mostly the food which I would have been writing would have been unhealthy though I did not think them as unhealthy at that point of time. The blogs would have been tempting with the aroma of mouthwatering Biryanis from Ambur, Kolhapur, Hyderabad, Lucknow etc, Chicken and Mutton dishes, the Kebabs, crispy Dosas, sizzling sizzlers, Death by Chocolate, hot Jalebis and all those tempting and tasty food. Now I have realized the unhealthiness part of it.

But 8 months back when I was diagnosed with one of the incurable (as defined by medical science) autoimmune disease “Type 1 diabetes (insulin dependent)”, I was first disappointed that I would not be able to have any sweet or dessert even though I was not a sweet tooth( you know it better. When you are not allowed to eat something you feel like eating that :P). I had to take insulin shots and I was not enjoying that obviously and especially when you have been told that you would have to be dependent on it for the lifetime. That was not an easy one. I had always hated medicine and never took medicines be it fever, headache or any other pain atleast from the time I was on my own and they are asking me to take this pricky, painful injections four times a day. Not fair.

We tried to scan the internet reading a lot of stuff on alternative medicines all day and night but couldn’t find any positive signs. But one sunny day(It had to be sunny as it brought some good news 😛 )  in one of the subscribed mailing list I found about SHARAN and Dr Nandita Shah. Though they have not had any success on Type 1 diabetes but they had lot of success stories on the more common Type 2 diabetes and hypertension, we took it further.  Meeting Dr Nandita was the beginning of the new journey – the journey to a healthy living with plant based diet cutting all your dairy, animal products and oil. My breakfast used to be lot of fruits with oil free red rice poha or millet upma. Lunch or Dinner would be red rice or millet or wheat roti with vegetables cooked without oil and salads. I was able to reduce my insulin dosage by 2 units.

The exploration and the learning did not stop here. This was just like putting your first feet on the auspicious occasion of entering the new house. We shared this plant based diet with friends, strangers and everyone around. You need to talk to people and share your problems and finding with others because – first you can’t solve all the problems alone, second giving is receiving. And through one of the discussions with friends we came to know about “The Health Awareness Center” in Mumbai which has been able to provide people with enough knowledge about their body that they can take care of themselves and ward off the toxins (or diseases) in their body avoiding medicines. I believe now that “whatever you need to know is revealed to you and whatever you need comes to you in the right time, space and sequence” if you wish for something strongly and be open to receive.

Now everyday is a learning. I am exploring more and more about the body, its relationship not just with the food but mental and physical rest and the environment. I want to write more on this but this blog is out of scope for that. :). Coming up soon with more information on it, my experiences, more resources and recipes for healthy food.

The journey with them till now has been wonderful. My lunch and dinner plate has now changed to raw/steamed vegetables, no grains (there are few days when there is an exception). My breakfast is just fruits – loads and loads of them. The positive thing is I have been able to reduce my insulin dosage and confident of be off insulin very soon. And surprisingly one more positive thing happened – My spectacle power reduced by 0.5 units in one eye and 0.25 in other. In all these years it had just increased or had been stable. It happened even with my husband who has been able to reduce power by 0.25. He has also been following most of them.

Now my plate is more or less like this almost everyday.

My Healthy Plate


So the wandering would continue and the taste buds would be treated now with more of healthy food and may be sometime unhealthy food too for the memory and taste of it. 🙂