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Come Summer and we waited for the King of all Fruits – Mangoes!!! Wait, wait don’t flashback to your childhood when back at home bags full of mangoes were stored in the kitchen or the store room. All the family members would sit together and just keep eating mangoes – no cutting into pieces. Who had the patience to cut and then eat. The fun was in eating the whole mango by squeezing and sucking the pulp and juice straight from the top, juice dripping all over the fingers, palm and to the arms, the mouth covered with the juice. And adding to this fun was everyone eating and enjoying together. The bags never used to get empty for the whole season.

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Those were good old mango days :). Long time I had not had those mango days for a long time now. But the annual Mango Party in Rangashankara brings the city at one place and let everyone enjoy eating the community fruit with the community. Whoever comes to the Mango Party had to bring 1 kg mango and then eat from the pool as much as they could. This year it was on June 1st 2014.

Opening of Mango Party

Opening of Mango Party

It was amazing to see so many varieties of mangoes available in Bangalore. And the fun was watching people, not only the kids but also the adults, eating and enjoying the juicy, fleshy mangoes. And of course you enjoy eating it with everyone. My taste buds were happy to savour the different taste and the different level of sweetness of the different varieties. ūüôā

A glimpse into the few varieties of mangoes which are available in Bangalore.

There is an Organic Mango and Jackfruit Mela happening in Lalbagh till 15th June where you can buy organic varieties.

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