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I was born and brought up in the city of Patna which stands on the bank of river Ganga. It has been 10 years now living away from this place but I have memories of playing with the sand on the banks of this river. Today when I came to know about the newly started tourism initiative “Ganga Vihar – The Floating Restaurant of Patna“, I did not want to miss the chance to have a ride. Its not that first time I was to experience a ship cruise but it was first time at the place where I grew up. I was curious to check out the new destination on the tourist map of the city.


Ganga Vihar – The Floating Restaurant

Gandhi Ghat along River Ganges

Driving through the narrow lanes of Ashok Rajpath we reached Gandhi Ghat behind NIT Patna. There was a ship with the label M.V Ganga Vihar parked on the bank. The lower deck has a small restaurant with seating facilities. Its not a fully operating restaurant as of now but you can have some snack and coffee while enjoying the evening cruise.

Evening view of Ganga from the Cruise

The cruise starts at fixed time and it goes through other ghats till the famous Mahatma Gandhi Setu. The depressing thing is that the water is not clear or pristine as it should be. You can see how much polluted the river is. So if you just want to enjoy, don’t look into the water and just enjoy the silence of the Ganga.

If you opt for the last cruise you can also enjoy the Ganga Aarti which happens every evening at the Gandhi Ghat. Enjoy a small video of the aarti (don’t mind the low quality video. This is a first attempt on the video)

Ganga Aarti at Gandhi Ghat

So next time when you are in Patna you can have an experience of this cruise along the ghats of Ganga.

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