Wandering Taste Buds had been on a break lately making efforts to get adapted to her recently diagnosed autoimmune disease. She was little disappointed when the medical reports confirmed that she was suffering from Type 1 diabetes and Hashimoto Thyroiditis ( two of the most common autoimmune disorders). Type 1 diabetes (insulin dependent) means a change of lifestyle and lot of restrictions on food.  Yes FOOD!!!! A foodie has restrictions on food that was a heartbreaking news. What about her desire to travel, taste and explore the cuisines across the world ???

After 3 months of research and effort of her and her husband she has adjusted with her new lifestyle. During this break she has explored interesting stuffs about food which will be shared in the future posts. Wait and watch for newly discovered HEALTHY cuisine and more of travel and food posts. Yes Wandering Taste Buds will continue on her journey which at first thought seemed difficult 3 months back :).

She is currently relaxing at Patna. Here is what she craved for yesterday while strolling through one of the busy markets of the city but can just drool over it.

But but you can read about it in her next post 🙂 .

Did you have any setback like this? Share your experiences with us.

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