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It was a lovely Saturday morning, when we were out on a Tree Walk at Hebbal Lake. I got to know some amazing facts about plants on the tree walk, like there are male and female plants of the same species. Most plants have bisexual flowers (which have both male and female parts), but some plants grow separate male and female flowers.

After the super exciting tree walk, as I walked out of Hebbal lake garden, it seemed as if I entered into Alice’s wonderland,  admiring a giant colourful cycle. Standing straight on its sturdy center stands it posed for us showing off the varied colours on its body.

IMG_7989-1-1Standing with pride

The crossbar of the cycle was decorated with red, blue and black stickers.The mudguards were painted with black and then adorned with red and white stickers.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAdorned with Stickers all over 

The head tube had something familiar attached to it – the toothbrush stand. It must be one of those which we would have thrown after getting a new holder for our toothbrushes or combs. The old one has got a new life after being recycled into a red and black holder for the cyclist to carry his small tidbits.

The old toothbrush holder recycled into a holder for the cycle

Another holder shaped like fish was attached to the seat tube.  All those CDs that we use and then end up throwing has been used for decorating the fork and hub. The colourful bike carrier had added to the beauty of the cycle. And the piece of black board at the back labelled as ‘INDIAN’ is adding to the pride with which the giant cycle has been standing.

Another fish shaped holder attached to the cycle


Recycled CD labelled with Driver

As we were busy admiring the name plate “INDIAN”, the owner of this wonderfully created bicycle walked to ride on his creation.  Nagaraj, the bicycle owner, is an artist and loves making use of waste. For a living he works as an agent, generally helping people from poor economic background, security guards who can not leave their job for a day to get the work done. Nagaraj charges them a nominal fee against this and gets all their work done.

IMG_8000-1The label “INDIAN” as the name plate

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANagaraj with his Cycle

Nagaraj delightfully tells us that he bought the cycle for 200 INR from a kabadiwallah. The stickers that he used was the waste from his friend’s sticker factory. For him nothing is a waste. Its his love of art that makes him give life to stuffs which are waste for others.

IMG_7987-1Nagaraj’s cycle standing proudly. In the backdrop is an MTB lying down tired

Long live the breed of people for whom there is no word called waste in the dictionary!


Riding on his Rangeeli Cycle

Photo Courtesy: Mayank Rungta and Sushil Katre

Have you met someone creative like Nagaraj and his Rangeeli Cycle? Share your experiences with us.

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