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It was 6:00 am as we entered Sagara, a town located in Western Ghats and in proximity to the famous Jog Falls. The town was awake with farmers working in their fields, women heading towards their work, children happily walking to school and beautiful birds flying in the sky. Shopkeepers were pulling up the shutters, starting yet another lovely day.

The “Cycling to Jog Falls in the Rain” trip organized by friends fascinated me the moment I heard about it. I was excited to be in the countryside on the cycle in the rains. More than that I was mostly attracted to be away from home for two days after all the depressing turn of events for last 2 months. I do love cycling but this time the idea of pedaling through the uphills and slopes worried my lungs specially because of the recent health issues.

All bikes on the Support Vehicle

All bikes on the Support Vehicle crossing the river through ferry

I kept myself away from cycling on the first day though I felt quite tempted to pedal drenched in the rain through the beautiful green route. I opted to be in the support vehicle for that day. 1011707_10151879208313714_2101615451_n

Our Support Vehicle and Me (Photo Courtesy: Mayank Rungta)

The raindrops kept lashing against the window glasses of the vehicle blurring the scenic view of green paddy fields outside. We passed through the different shades of green but the shade of paddy green looked like a picture of nature with awesome beauty keeping me to stay in admiration for a while. Here nature was in its pristine form.

Green Green Everywhere

Green Green Everywhere

We followed the same trail that our fellow cyclists had taken – photographing them and stopping over for the delicious local treats. The rain was in no mood to take a break and we just continued our trail soaked in the rain till it got dark. The cyclists had covered around 50 kms when they stopped to load their bikes on the support vehicle.

Cycling through the beautiful route

Cycling through the beautiful route (Photo Courtesy: Sushil Katre)

The night was spent at the Youth Hostel near the Jog Falls. I had heard about the Youth hostels but this was my first visit to one of them and the first impression was not bad though it was not too good too. The campus was clean and was good enough to spend over a night for just few bucks. The rooms could have been a little more cleaner.

Enjoying the uphill ride

Enjoying the uphill ride

After a cozy sleep and a stomach-filling breakfast it was another beautiful day to cycle to Jog falls and then back to Sagara. Jog falls was just few pedals away from the hostel. As we reached the place, the view to the beautiful waterfalls was clear and picture perfect but in a few minutes the clouds, heavy rain and mist blurred the view. Waiting to get another chance for the spectacular view was in vain and we moved on. There were few others accompanying me in the support vehicle and few others who pursued cycling undeterred by the rain and the uphill trail.

Beautiful river with the rocks

River and the rocks

The green meadows were everywhere with puddles of water and beautiful kingfishers and other birds taking a rest in the green fields. Now it was really difficult for me to hold myself from not cycling in this wonderful weather talking to the winds, rain and trees. I got one of the cycles unloaded from the support vehicle and pedaled the last stretch of around 20 km. Me and Sushil

That’s Me followed by my husband 😛 (Photo Courtesy: Shashank Nag)

 I was really not confident that I would be able to continue riding even after 2 km as I was not in best of my health. But I guess the energy in the surroundings had re-energized me to let me enjoy cycling through the beautiful trail. I did took few stops while uphill cycling but at the end it was like a serious green therapy ride. I regained my confidence and was energized to get back to my normal routine and to my plans which had been disrupted for last 2 months.

In fact the whole trip was a green therapy for me :). Thanks to our friends who organized the wonderful trip.

The new and the old

The new and the old

Have you been on a cycle ride to any other beautiful place? Share your experiences with us.

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