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The dark clouds, the green swaying palm trees, the green hills at a distance and the ocean waves hitting the shore – I was looking at this photo from a previous year trip to Goa. This is the picture of Goa in monsoon very different from the otherwise peak tourist season. Brings back all my memories of the beautiful monsoon days spent there.

The Monsoon in Goa

The cold breeze brushing past our cheeks; the sky frowning with the dark clouds; the drizzle. My romantic tryst with the monsoon had started as soon as I had entered Goa. Goa has more to offer in monsoon than just the beaches. The lush green paddy fields, the river bulging with water flowing under the bridge, the wet long winding roads, the beautiful birds and the old monuments washed with rain water. Everything around looked fresh and clean including the freshness in the air brought by the rain.

The beaches brimming with crowd, the shacks filled with tourists, the cacophony of the crowd drowning out the sound of the waves  – If you want to experience this in Goa then monsoon is not a good time. In monsoon Goa gets transformed into a totally different place – it becomes a loner’s paradise. You would find yourself all alone on the beaches with all the shacks shutdown, the cacophony of the crowd replaced by the sound of waves pounding the rocks below and the chirps of the birds.

Also expect yourself to get drenched in the torrential downpour that would soak you to the skin. One can enjoy the monsoon in Goa walking along the roads with green swaying palm trees on both sides or walking on the beach while it drizzles. Or just sit at the window in your room enjoying the heavy rains, sipping the local drink feni with the delicious seafood.

To say I had fallen in love with the Goa in monsoon would be an understatement. I will let these pictures speak about the beautiful place in the beautiful monsoon.

Walking through these wet long winding roads, visitors can explore the main town , or embark on a long walk or a drive that offer spectacular views of the countryside in the beautiful monsoon. I am glad I had the best all day walking shoes – or my feet would’ve been totally numb after that crazy hike.  

The long winding roads

An early morning stroll along the green paddy fields is the best way to spot the beautiful bird life of Goa. You can spot lot of Blue Kingfishers (Ah I am not talking about the Vijay Mallya’s Kingfisher but the bird 😉 )


Exult in the fresh air along the Vagator Beach which boasts of pure white sand( all covered with sea water during monsoon), dotted with black rocks and swaying palm trees. 


People use ferry for transporting their vehicles across the Mandovi river which overflows during the monsoon


One of the ruined monument stand tall touching the clear blue sky


Basilica of Bom Jesus which holds mortal remains of St Francis Xavier has been standing through the monsoons of Goa gets a fresher look after a torrential downpour


Infinite shades of green fill the walls of Goa in monsoon giving it a fresh beautiful look to its otherwise dull, muddy look.


The dark clouds gather for yet another downpour over the Mandovi River making a perfect canvas 


Palolem Beach in South Goa deserted during the monsoon lending a feeling of solitude to the place.


  Soak yourself in the greenery of the monsoon Goa

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