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A sudden shower by the rain God and thoughts of sizzling pakoras accompanied by steaming cups of hot tea tickle your taste buds. Or it might be the bhajjis and bondas with the tea. And if you are a north Indian staying in one of the cities of South India then you might become nostalgic remembering those piping hot samosas right from the oil-filled kadhais.

Almost every street in Bangalore has the roadside hawkers preparing hot bhajjis and bondas. Though I love the bhajjis and bondas but my eyes are always on the lookout for a hot samosa with the red and green chutney.

People enjoying Samosa at a roadside shop

People enjoying Samosa at a roadside shop

The other day I was on my visit to one of the narrowest and busiest street – Avenue Road. Walking through the narrow lanes and passing by the varieties of shops, stalls and carts I caught a whiff of aroma hit my nose. Just ten steps away at the corner of the street I could spot a small shop surrounded by a group of 15-20 people. Approaching nearer I was delighted to see that it was a shop for samosa. In no time I was ordering a plate for myself.

Owner of the shop serving Samosa with Kadhi

Owner of the shop serving Samosa with Kadhi

The man at the other side of the counter cut the samosas with the scissors. That was interesting!!! Never seen anyone using scissors for cutting the samosa. He poured spoonful of kadhi, pale yellow-coloured thin gravy, on top of the samosa, added a pakora and a spoon of mix chutneys. Samosa is universally (across India) eaten with spicy tomato chutney or green chutney or with chats. Samosa with kadhi was a unique combination I had never tried before. The other USP of the place is the way the Samosa is cut with the scissor. Its interesting to observe the man cutting the samosa and kachori with the All Purpose Scissors.

The All-Purpose  Scissor

The All-Purpose Scissor

The man at the shop cutting the Samosa with the Scissor

Scissor-cut Samosa

This interesting 20 year old shop is run by a Marwari family from Rajasthan and the taste proofs that. Apart from Samosa the shop serves Scissor-cut Kachori with Kadhi. 25Rs for a plate of Samosa or Kachori sounds little expensive though it was worth the taste. You wouldn’t mind taking a second serving like me.

Enjoying the Samosa Kadhi Chat

Enjoying the Samosa Kadhi Chat


BettapaLane, C.T Street Cross,On the Avenue Road.

Location of the Shop

Check out the address for the Location of the Shop


Scissor cut Samosa/Kachori served with Kadhi.

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