The Apatani Faces of Ziro


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The Apatanis are indigenous tribe of Ziro in Arunachal Pradesh and one of the most beautiful people.

And the most captivating members of the tribe are the older women of the community. They wear facial tattoos and massive black nose plugs (known as Yapin Hulo in local language). These nose plugs are made of cane slice. This tradition is non existent now and comes from the old times. It is said that as Apatani women were most beautiful in Arunachal Pradesh, the men of other tribes used to kidnap them. And so the Apatani men had to get their women tattooed and make them wear nose plugs making them less appealing.

The women used to tattoo their faces with a horizontal line from the forehead to the tip of the nose, and five lines on their chins.

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The Dree Festival of the Apatanis


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Ziro, the beautiful valley in Arunachal Pradesh, is home to the Apatani tribe. I got an opportunity to visit this picturesque valley and meet lovely people on one of their important festival ‘Dree’. The beautiful landscape of Ziro The beauty of the Ziro valley can’t be described in words. It is the perfect landscape that I used to picture in my childhood when someone instructed me to do some painting. But with no love for painting I was never able to bring it on my drawing book. I was awestruck by this scenic view in front of my eyes all the time – The blue and green mountains surrounding the verdant green of the paddy field, the blue sky with white clouds, bamboo huts, the lush green dense forest – amazing display of colours. It looked as if someone has edited and saturated the colours in photoshop – Nature would have done it ;) Continue reading

An Evening in Dibrugarh


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We had an evening to spend in Dibrugarh before we started our awaited journey towards Ziro in Arunachal Pradesh. We just strolled around to experience the evening in the quaint little town of Assam on the banks of the mighty Brahmaputra river dotted with numerous tea gardens. A walk through the streets was the best way to get a picture of a slow and a laid back life in this beautiful town.

I’ll let the pictures tell you about our evening spent in Dibrugarh.

1. Supari (Betel nut)

is everywhere. Supari Trees everywhere in the town and supari in everyone’s mouth. :). People are not tired of chewing suparis the whole day and night.
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Wandering with Healthy Taste Buds


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When I had started “Wandering Taste Buds”, I had a plan of compiling and bringing to you food and cuisine from all around the country. Mostly the food which I would have been writing would have been unhealthy though I did not think them as unhealthy at that point of time. The blogs would have been tempting with the aroma of mouthwatering Biryanis from Ambur, Kolhapur, Hyderabad, Lucknow etc, Chicken and Mutton dishes, the Kebabs, crispy Dosas, sizzling sizzlers, Death by Chocolate, hot Jalebis and all those tempting and tasty food. Now I have realized the unhealthiness part of it.

But 8 months back when I was diagnosed with one of the incurable (as defined by medical science) autoimmune disease “Type 1 diabetes (insulin dependent)”, I was first disappointed that I would not be able to have any sweet or dessert even though I was not a sweet tooth( you know it better. When you are not allowed to eat something you feel like eating that :P). I had to take insulin shots and I was not enjoying that obviously and especially when you have been told that you would have to be dependent on it for the lifetime. That was not an easy one. I had always hated medicine and never took medicines be it fever, headache or any other pain atleast from the time I was on my own and they are asking me to take this pricky, painful injections four times a day. Not fair. Continue reading


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