Experiencing Rural East MadhyaPradesh


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My last memory of Madhya Pradesh(M.P) is strolling along the fields in one of the villages. I had spent the morning bird-watching among the tall trees in the Sal forest, listening to the enchanting music of bansuri (flute) travelling from a distance and had a simple but tasty meal.

I had shown up in this part of M.P to relax and rejuvenate myself. And I am happy that I spent nearly a month here. It gave me the time, space and natural beauty to think and appreciate the beauty which is nowhere to be found in the cities.

I pen this post from Bangalore and while I was flipping through these photos, it reminds me of those sunshine days. Planning to visit the countryside? Here is my list which would make you yearn to visit the villages. And these villages are still little cut off from the mainstream city. Many of you might have spent your childhood in the village and this might refresh your memories as it did for me.

1) Escape into the Woods of the Countryside

I was in the small village of Pauni in the district of Balaghat. The forest here are mostly of dense and tall Sal trees locally known as ‘Sarai Van‘. The tree trunks are long and straight and the air is filled with a strong and sweet fragrance. Just sit among the trees and you would be able to enjoy the sound of woodpecker, dove, sunbird, flowerpecker and all simultaneously.  Sal Forest

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Cruising on River Ganges


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I was born and brought up in the city of Patna which stands on the bank of river Ganga. It has been 10 years now living away from this place but I have memories of playing with the sand on the banks of this river. Today when I came to know about the newly started tourism initiative “Ganga Vihar – The Floating Restaurant of Patna“, I did not want to miss the chance to have a ride. Its not that first time I was to experience a ship cruise but it was first time at the place where I grew up. I was curious to check out the new destination on the tourist map of the city.


Ganga Vihar – The Floating Restaurant Continue reading

Comeback of Wandering Taste Buds


Wandering Taste Buds had been on a break lately making efforts to get adapted to her recently diagnosed autoimmune disease. She was little disappointed when the medical reports confirmed that she was suffering from Type 1 diabetes and Hashimoto Thyroiditis ( two of the most common autoimmune disorders). Type 1 diabetes (insulin dependent) means a change of lifestyle and lot of restrictions on food.  Yes FOOD!!!! A foodie has restrictions on food that was a heartbreaking news. What about her desire to travel, taste and explore the cuisines across the world ??? Continue reading

Nagaraj’s Love – The Rangeeli Cycle


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It was a lovely Saturday morning, when we were out on a Tree Walk at Hebbal Lake. I got to know some amazing facts about plants on the tree walk, like there are male and female plants of the same species. Most plants have bisexual flowers (which have both male and female parts), but some plants grow separate male and female flowers.

After the super exciting tree walk, as I walked out of Hebbal lake garden, it seemed as if I entered into Alice’s wonderland,  admiring a giant colourful cycle. Standing straight on its sturdy center stands it posed for us showing off the varied colours on its body.

IMG_7989-1-1Standing with pride

The crossbar of the cycle was decorated with red, blue and black stickers.The mudguards were painted with black and then adorned with red and white stickers. Continue reading


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